Case Study on Japanese Culture

Japanese Culture Case Study:

Japanese culture is the set of spiritual and material values which originated in Japan and identify the spiritual, traditional and social life of the Japanese people. Japan has always been associated with the authentic and original elements of culture which do not look like any other world culture. It has a great number of material and spiritual elements of cultural heritage which define the originality and value of Japan for the surrounding world. Among the greatest achievements of Japanese culture are the examples of visual arts, sculpture and architecture, poetry, prose and drama, gardening, etc. Alongside there are many examples of the valuable philosophic and religious ideas which also differentiate the country from other parts of the world.

The development of Japanese culture is connected with the original geographic position of the country, because the country has always been isolated from the rest of the world being located on islands. In addition it is difficult to speak about the complete unification of the single Japanese culture, as different regions of the country had their own language and local traditions.Of course, the influence of the Western civilization and neighboring countries has caused strong influence on Japan. For example, religion, hieroglyphs, the system of public administration, city planning, etc Japan borrowed from China; the West introduced music instruments and technology of drawing to the country; since the end of World War 2 the USA has been an inspirer of the technological development of Japan. The biggest strong side of Japanese culture is its ability not just to copy and borrow the achievements of other countries but to interpret them in their own original way.Japanese culture is the complex of material and spiritual values which differentiate Japan from other countries of the world.

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