Case Study on Land Resources

Land Resources Case Study:

Land resources are the territories, like forests, plains, wetlands, hills, valleys, which exist without the influence of human beings, or are used for certain purposes like agriculture. Every country possesses vast lands, which are used in different ways.

Some territories are protected for the wildlife and people are forbidden to log wood and hunt there. Then, plains are generally used for the agricultural purposes. People grow vegetables, fruits, crops if the soil is enough good for this purpose. It is obvious that people should use land resources wisely. Unfortunately, the situation is often dramatic nowadays, because people do not use the soil professionally.Since the dawn of the human civilization people have created a special system and rules of growing crops.

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For example, every year the kind of crops grown on the definite field should be changed (one year corn, the second year wheat, the third beet, etc); otherwise the soil will be exhausted and very soon the territory will become a wasteland. Then, vast lands are used for house building and the development of cities and villages. Sometimes, lands with rich soil or endangered species of animals and plants are devastated in order to build a block of flats, hypermarket, a highway, etc. The problem is that the government often fails to weigh the importance of the land soberly and allows cutting down forests, which are the homes of various species of animals, and devastating the river basins, which are also the important centers of flora and fauna.Numerous national and international organizations try to influence the human society to use land resources wisely. Most of people do not realize that careless growing of crops or spontaneous building of a district of a big city will affect the nature seriously.

Only the real professionals and scientists are able to predict and weigh the entire impact of the human activity on the environment and land resources in particular. So, if the government starts following the advice of the scientists, land resources of the country will stay in safety and will even bring profit to people. A good land resources case study should be interesting and thought provoking. One should research the cause and effect of the problem related to land resources and persuade the reader to take care of the environment.If a student wants to complete the case study well and provide the teacher with the reasonable solutions and rich methodology, he should take advantage of the free example case study on land resources in the web.

Due to a well-analyzed free sample case study on land resources in India one will learn to investigate the topic of the example of the definite place or the case site and format the paper according to the general requirements.