Water to Land

Water to Land “I kind of thought I see everything nature could throughout but don’t have nothing on this” – Geoff Mackey. Tsunamis are violent natural disasters.

Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes. They kill 1,000s of people a year, and if a tsunami is coming your way you better get out of there. Thanks to the scientists study tsunamis to limit the death by using the sensors. Therefore, tsunamis are the worst natural disaster to experience because they are dangerous waves that destroy everything in their path. An earthquake causes tsunamis in Nova the narrator states, “a sea floor change so does the top sea level water.

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” In this Nova is saying if the tectonic plate’s underwater shifts then it will cause a tsunami. I think they are saying that if the water level moves because of the aftershocks of an earthquake it will cause a tsunami. Tsunamis are lethal. In the video Nova the narrator states, “2004 tsunami killed 25,000 people in Southeast Asia.” The narrator is saying that tsunamis are very deadly and can kill way more people than that. I think they are saying thousands of people are killed during a tsunami.

Scientists study tsunamis to limit the deaths by using sensors. In the video Nova the narrator states, “6 sensors in the pacific ocean.” Basically Nova is saying that in the Pacific Ocean there are 6 sensors in 6 different parts of the oceans just to notify that a tsunami is about to occur. I think they are explaining that the sensors in the ocean help to give out an early warning of a tsunami about to happen. In conclusion, tsunamis have to be the most violent natural disaster.

Because one the plates move under water, we’ll all be in danger. It’s almost impossible to stop tsunamis, if we were able to we will all be safe from previous tsunamis