Destructive Tsunamis

When i first watched the movie “the impossible” and saw all the damage a Tsunami cause i was really scared to experience something like that. This movie made me realize tsunamis are the worst natural disaster because they cause so much violent destruction.

Tsunamis are caused by an Earthquake. An earthquake happen it pushes water up then down and it forms a Tsunami. A Tsunami can last for a long period of time. Tsunamis are the worst natural disasters because of the debri and damage it cause. A Tsunami is caused by an earthquake. IN Indonesia 2004 the character Geoff Mackey a cameraman states “i’ve seen 30 hurricaneand 35 volcano eruptions this is nothing like that.

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” basically he’s saying that a hurricane or a volcano are not as bad as a Tsunami. Tsunamis are the worst. Tsunamis are so destructive because of all the damage and debri it causes. There’s a 50% chance you could die from debri before you die from the Tsunami because you could get stabbed or caught on to something. Geoff mackey also said that “Tsunamis are worst then a atomic bomb.

” this means that tsunamis are very dangerous and deadly. Scientist are making a warning system to warm people when a tsunami is coming around us, this meant the science are actually trying to help us because without a warning system how would we know when a tsunami is coming. Hopefully they find a better way to help us because it would save much more lives and prevent more people getting hurt. In conclusion, Tsunamis are the worst Natural disaster, In the impossible the lady got stabbed by a tree branch. Also a little boy got stuck under a bunch branches.

The little boy was suffering and screaming for help> Tsunamis has to be the worst because it’s so deadly and dangerous. Also because people can die from so much different things during a tsunami. Tsumamis are not something you want to expirence.