A tsunami is the worst natural disaster there is because we can’t predict them and also they happen after an earthquake so they cause more destruction and they also kill more people than any other natural disasters.

Tsunamis can knock down building that can calaps on people they can also drown and slowly kill people they can also be hard to prepare for. You can usually know when a tsunami is going to happen because they sometimes show up after an earthquake but you can prepare for it by going somewhere steady and high, some where you know you are going to feel safe or you can jump into a pool that is deep that way you don’t really get hurt by anything that is already been hit by it that is how I know that tsunamis are the worst natural disasters that there is they cause people to go homeless ,broke and probably also lose their family’s and homes and everything they had worked hard for ,they tear business ,towns ,cities ,even make move and leave there home place just to be safe and leave there friends and family behind to start over in a new place with different cultures and lifestyles.

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