Enormous swells, fast wind force, tough speed, an deadly to experience. A natural disaster is nature causing mass destruction. The worst comes from a Tsunami which is a huge wave with strong force of speed.

An earthquake is what can cause a Tsunami. It seems likely that some parts of the world they tend to have the most damages because they don’t have a warning system. Therefore, to experience a tsunami more people can die faster in tsunamis than any other natural disaster. This natural disaster is caused by an earthquake. For example when a earthquakes crust breaks it can cause a tsunami. An earthquakes crust only breaks when the plates meet together an form them connecting it creates an tsunami which is a big huge a wave.

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For example tsunami that hit Indonesia killed over 250,000 people. In the tsunami the water speed was over 200 mph. Also that most women and children were either injured or killed the most. They also said that women and children suffer most. Scientist helps alert people. How do they alert people? They alert people by dropping an alert system into the ocean.

There alert systems tell whether a tsunami is happening or it tells people to get out of the city as fast as they can. Not all countries have alert systems like Indonesia. The worst natural disaster is a tsunami. Because the tsunami that hit Indonesia in 2004 was in the top 10 worst natural disasters. Also it had killed 250,000 people an destroyed the beauty of nature.

But meteorologists are putting alert systems in the ocean to help us prepare. Do you think a tsunami is fear or fascination?