Tsunami Horror

What is a Tsunami? A tsunami is a huge wave that creates by an earthquake and comes out the ocean and destroys anything in front of it.

They come towards you from a speed of 500 mph. Tsunamis are like giant floods. The destruction is so bad in 2004 there were 250,000 dead. In a tsunami no one can save you, they could help you after but they can’t do anything when you’re under water twisting and turning, running into all types of debris and constantly getting hit by everything. An earthquake creates a tsunami by the sudden shifting of the earth’s crust and that releases energy which lifts the sea floor and drops it back down and that makes the water displaced and makes a huge wave.

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A tsunami can last as long as 10 minutes to two hours and can have a wavelength of more than 500 kilometers. The destruction a tsunami makes can be highly devastating. For example, the tsunami that occurred in 2004 there were at least a total of 280,000 deaths and missing. It affected 14 countries; their waves were 30 meters high with a magnitude of 9.1-9.3 In conclusion a Tsunami is by far the worst natural disaster because it just sweeps you up, as if you were a rag doll and while you’re trying to save your children, brothers or sisters the wave will not let you, you will get separated from your family you don’t know where the water will take you and its terrifying because you don’t know what type of debris you will run into what if you run into a branch while the water is sweeping you from a speed of 500 mph it’s going to go right through you.

If you survive a tsunami you are extremely lucky.