Rant on Horror Movies

I do not understand why modern movie producers and scriptwriters have redefined the meaning of a “horror movie.” Watching a contemporary horror movie remains a dissatisfying event since they seem to scare no one or just do gross patchwork of scenes to inflict bad taste.

The movies are more graphic and grotesque rather than being horrific in action and word. There is too much torture, blood, gore, and gross nudity in most scenes in a single film. The blood and gore may be appropriate to indicate the effect of a scaring monster, but most movies miss to maintain suspense and creepiness, which gives a movie a subtle horrid characteristic and body respectively. Therefore, most of today horror movies only pass for thrillers at best with a higher percentage of violence instead of horror. Classic horror movies like Halloween, Eden’s Lake, and Nightmare on Elm Street had a good measure of creepiness and gore, yet the directors maintained an aura of suspense and terror to qualify the classification of the movies under the horror genre.

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Unrealistic films that lack a catchy plot to arouse the psychological imaginations of the audience merely pass for amateur thrillers. The intention of horror movies is to scare, not disgust at most; the main aim is to make a hero out of a worst nightmare. Many things scare human beings; but nor mere torture and bleeding. The human mind according to psychologists gets excessively animated by movement of audio-visual waves in movies and cinema, thus people get easily disgusted by sight of unnecessary violence and blood; the two main elements that have replaced suspense and terror. Watching an ancient horror movie made it scary to walk out of the door even in daylight, but today even a war does not bother people much less watching a modern horror movie and still walk home alone at night without fear.