Movies Changed My Life

When I was younger we didn’t have much for things but I was still happy with what we did have. My mom had a job but my step dad at the time did not and he was quite mean and wouldn’t let us come out of our room so we stayed in our room and watched movies. In me and my little brothers room was two beds a tv and a DVD player and we had some movies. I spent everyday watching movies I was very young at the time so watching a movie over and over was quite normal.

For Christmas I didn’t want toys or things along those lines all I wanted was more movies because to watch because it was my absolute favorite thing to do. Even when I got sad that was my escape where I could go and relax. My mom and my step dad fought a lot and the house was always war grounds which no where to go but my room and my movies. Finally my mom left him and we got our own apartment which to me was amazing because we had a place of are very own. After a while my had gotten cable tv in her roomand there I could watch movies that were relatively new.

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I would race home from school just so I could get to my moms room and watch movies. Soon after we got cable we had lost it sadly my mom bit off more than she could chew and was behind in bills so we only had it for a little while. I still had my movies on DVD so I was happy. The older I got the more I loved watching movies I had only been to the movie theaters a few times on Sunday. On Sunday at the movie theater they would play free movies and that was the only day my mom had off so she would do her best to take us to see whatever was playing. I watched all movies that I could get my hands on and would watch it multiple times.

My mom had gotten a new boyfriend and at first he was very nice and he as well as me loved movies but he had a gigantic collection of movies. He had over 500 movies collected over a long period of time I thought that he was the coolest person in the world but I was sadly mistaken. Mike my mothers boyfriend was very mean he would yell at us and throw fits as if he were twelve. Also he didn’t let us touch any of his things including his movies which made me feel like a little kid on Christmas who was told he could never open his presents. My mom had two girls with mike who I love very much but after so many years of fighting they finally seperated.

When mike left I felt a weight off my shoulders and I watched so many movies to make up for the time I missed. When he did leave he left movies behind so I added them to my collection and was very happy. When the girls were born my mom left her job and didn’t have any way of income so she started a daycare which was not appealing to me because we already had two kids running around yelling why add more? We still needed money so we started a daycare and we were able to keep our house for a while. Soon after my mom met Wayne who is the man she is with today and the man I call dad. Wayne was orginaly from luther so he wanted to move there and take us with him so we did after a while. My mom had gotten Netflix at the time so it opened a huge door to my movie watching life. When we moved to luther I was sad so I spent all day watching movies on my phone it helped me coap with missing all my friends back in Cadillac. My best friend in Cadillac also shared a love for movies like I do and when ever where would hangout we would watch multiple movies. And would spend a lot of money at the movie theater at one point we had seen every movie in the theater and couldn’t go any more. Really movies were my only escape from the real world where I could go and be away from everyone who was mean. Movies were always there and were never judgmental and always have a happy ending.

When I’m sad I have movies and that’s all I really need because friends leave but my movies will always be with me. People say mean things while movies are there for pure enjoyment whether that be scary funny or sad its still cant hurt you in anyway but they can change your life. Movies can change your life and open your eyes to new ideas they can take a bad situation and make it better they can show you how to overcome something to reach your goals.