Movies, Television Shows, Drama Series and Comedy

We are all familiar with these four words- Movies, Television shows, Drama series and Comedy. Movies are usually a long flashback of two hours or more. Hollywood movies gives us a lot of information.

In my opinion , One Hundred Days Of Summer is the best Hollywood movie. Bollywood releases the most number of movies than other film industries. Educational movies are best for students. It can either be Hollywood or Bollywood. Television shows provides us entertainment for a short while but can continue for days and weeks. Students and Adults alike love television series.

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India has some popular television series like Kumkum Bhagya, Siya Ke Ram and Valika Vadhu etc. South Korea has some popular television series like Go Ho’s Starry Night, The Man living in our House, Flower Boy Next Door and Puberty Medley, etc. China also has some popular television series like Boss And Me, Love and You, etc. The actors and actresses featuring the television series have a great deal of attention and concentration on their roles. Kumkum Bhagya starred Actor Shabbir Aluwalia and actress Shriti Jha as the main protagonists and actresses Shikha Singh and Leena Jumani as the main antagonists. Siya Ke Ram starred the actor Aashish Sharma and actress Madirakshi Mundle at the lead roles.

South Korea’s TV series Go Ho’s Starry night starred actress Kwon Yuri and actors Kim- Young Kwang and Lee Ji Hoon at the lead roles. Similarly, Flower Boy Next Door starred actress Park- Shin Hye and actor Yoon Si Yoon at the lead roles. China’s leading television series Boss and Me starred actor Zhang Zeng and actress Zanilia Zhao at the lead roles. Every television series has its own value, plot, difference and similarities. Each series has its own plot. India’s Siya Ke Ram is based on India’s famous epic Ramayana.

South Korea’s Go Ho’s Starry night tells us about the love story of a fiery Boss and his fellow team member. China’s Boss and Me also describes us the same story but of a polite boss and his employee. Each television series has its own unique ways. A television show can be premiered on weekends or weekdays. Indian series are long and continue for months, weeks, and years. On the other hand, South Korean and Chinese series are short and completes in a month.

Comedies are funny television shows which makes us laugh. They are premiered on weekends mostly. Every movie, television series and comedy are of two categories – i. Children division ii. Adult Division.

These categories are specially designed for avoiding problems and arguments. Each television series, movie and comedy has its own advantages and disadvantages. One must act according to these advantages, disadvantages and differences.