Case Study on Reality Tv Shows

On an average, a popular reality television show gets about 7 million cell phone text messages each episode. At Rs 4 per SMS, that adds up to Rs 28 million per episode. Over a year (52 weeks), that is an astounding Rs 1,460 million. On a 50:50 split between the channel and the mobile operator, that works out to Rs 730 million to the channel. All that money from just one reality show.

To get the SMSs in, they will motivate, inspire, incite, instigate and also lure you.All you people who vote/SMS for reality shows, please note that you are part of a business strategy carefully drawn up in the boardroom and executed carefully by the director. The regional/language/parochial/sympathy/failing-in-love cards are freely used. If all of them don’t work, then you have a chance to win jewellery, a car, etcetera, etcetera. And yes, you can vote as many times as you wish. The more you vote, the greater the chance of your favourite contestant winning.

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And you have a chance to win too. Anything to make you send a simple SMS. Aapka ek SMS ek career bacha sakta hain(one SMS from you can save a career). ‘ Beg. Beg.

Beg. By the way, do you remember any of the following: Pratichee Mahapatra, Neha Bhasin, Mahua Kamat, Sangeet Haldipur, Vasudha Kamat, Neeti Mohan, Jimmy Felix? I am sure you would know Sunidhi Chauhan [ Images ], Shreya Ghoshal [ Images ] and the latest Naresh Iyer. Well, the former lot were the discoveries of a reality show and the latter emerged out of talent shows. SMS is widely used for delivering premium content such as news alerts, financial information, logos and ringtones.Such messages are also known as premium-rated short messages (PSMS).

The subscribers are charged extra for receiving this premium content, and the amount is typically divided between the mobile network operator and the content provider (VASP) either through revenue share or a fixed transport fee. Premium short messages are also increasingly being used for “real-world” services. For example, some vending machines now allow payment by sending a premium-rated short message, so that the cost of the item bought is added to the user’s phone bill or subtracted from the user’s prepaid credits.A new type of ‘free premium’ or ‘hybrid premium’ content has emerged with the launch of text-service websites. These sites allow registered users to receive free text messages when items they are interested go on sale, or when new items are introduced Indian Idol sub title “Desh ki awaj” .

According to the title it represents that all the people of nation have right to choose their singer. In future they don’t complain that you judges didn’t choose our daughter or son as Indian Idol. It is better to choose by voting through SMS. Yes, mobile service companies earn a lot through sms voting is bad.They take away 3/- per sms, according to be its not correct.

For that reason govt. should make a law against all this voting facilities provided by reality shows to low cost per sms. 0. 50/- is best sms rate for all service provider and land line must be 0. 75/- or 0. 90/-.

I suggest these rates because mobile is just like breakfast for all citizens in India now a days but land line is loosing its charm. To some extent it appears fair that “most beautiful lady” is chosen by votes on net or “Cricketer of the year” through SMS as people can judge beauty or analyze a player’s performance by records . Is it OK to select singers, dancers, etc. through SMS? Can you imagine what may happen if a person not knowing “ABC” of music or dance is asked to select a ‘champ’ out of ten or twenty contestants participating in music, dance or other contest? Which factors may influence individual votes? I don’t know anything about music except that I like few songs. If I am asked to judge a singing or music contestent, I will first see who is good looking and can sing or dance like a mediocre does. I’ll also try to know which place he belongs to or which nationality he possesses.

Then I will assure he belongs to a region or caste same as I do. Than I would like to know his language he speaks and several other things. In fact, I’ll forget other things like contestant’s talent in that particular field or area. Rightly, this is happening in India and other countries. There are several examples of TVshows held in the past and being screened presently on different TV channelsaround the world where contestants are being screened based on SMS from people.

Is it correct? Why Indian Idol or international singing Idol is selected through SMS from people?Simple answer: TV Channels/Program organizers and telecom companies earn lot of money from SMS received. It’s a matter of Rs 5-7 for an individual sending a SMS but organizers + telecom companies earn 4o millions if 4 million SMS are received. Is not this amounts to a scam? What is role of judges invited to judge the contestants? Simple answer: Nothing. They are invited to promote the contest. Few contestants are attached with these judges to get guidance and judges themselves (celebritiesin their field) appeal to people to cast their vote in favor of their contestants.

All judges give 10 points out of 10 to every contestant. In fact, winners are decided based on votes received through SMS. Why votes are not allowed through internet? No earning to organizers/telecom services. Success of these programs is gauzed by amount of money collected by channels (through SMS) and program organizers that’s why all channels are telecating similar type programs and sequels are coming up. Is it correct procedure for selecting a winner? In my opinion and also in others not at all.Contestants are not selected by experts but by people who are literally illiterate in that particular field.

Sometimes contestants adopt malpractices and even pay money to people for sending SMS. Several times right candidates are denied a place at top which they deserve in accordance to their talent. What is remedy for the disease? No SMS I guess lot of people will agree with me that selecting winners in any contest through SMS is not fair. Money spent for selecting winners may better be utilized if it is diverted towards treatment of poor people suffering diseases needing expensive treatment.If you agree with me, please don’t waste your money making rich people more richer.

If these channels are very generous why don’t they contribute part of money to needy people who are dying due to hunger?. I think the right thing to do wud be this… 1. Provide 50/50 weightage to public & judges until the final 3.

From there, it can be on popular choice alone… 2. Dont charge exhorbidant rates for SMS>.

. It shd be the same fare as me smsing a normal number 3. DO not allow multiple voting.. you can make ur money thru Ads & Sponsors..