The Reality of Dreams

The sounds of the quiet hum of the sewing machine at work and the snip snip of scissors cutting fabric are the only sounds that fill my room. Until Tim Gunn finally announces that the contestants have only a short time left. Even as complete chaos and panic occurs, I still have a look of complete awe upon my face. Then I realized the amount of work ahead of me in order to make my dream of becoming a fashion designer a reality. If I do not make the right decisions, it may cost me my dream.

Academics are important; the very reason I have taken it upon myself to take many rigorous classes. Pre-AP, AP, and classes a year above my grade level fill up most of my schedule yearly. Art classes, and choir are what fill up the other portion of my schedule. I am also in a club called Junior Historians, a history club devoted to teaching others the beauty in preserving history. I do hope to join more clubs in the future when I have more spare time.

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As for now, I am fitting in all that I can to be a well rounded student, and graduate in the top of my class. From there I would love to be a college student at the University of Texas at Austin! If accepted, I would major in fashion. Then of course, I will come prepared with my best designs everyday, so that I would have the opportunity to work at Austin Fashion Week. Then hopefully a chance to go to New York Fashion Week, work with, and meet big name designers. Eventually, I would like to have a hands-on internship with a firm in my field. All of this eventually leading to graduating from UT.

FINALLY! My chance to start my career would arrive. Causing me to take whatever job I could get, in order to save up, and move to Los Angeles. Once in LA, hopefully, enough money will have been saved up to buy a space to start my own business. When the business is up and running I will be helping with the design process, as well as the construction of the garments. Once the business is open the shopping trip will be not be replicated anywhere else. As, you walk in, you will see a hall of old Hollywood glam styled dressing rooms.

Inside of each will be the vanities with the lighted mirrors and a stylist on call to help perfect your look. The smell of hairspray and new clothes will faintly fill the air as you make your way through my store. Once you have gotten a stunning outfit on and have been styled to perfection, you will leave my store with a gleam in your eye and a spring in your step, because you will look like a million bucks. In time the business will be one of the most prestigious consignment store of them all. All and all, I have learned that our goals or dreams are part of a chain, it goes: dream, good decisions, and dream will then become a reality, if deserved.

Thus being the reason why, I work so hard towards this dream of mine. Though a pretty large, and ambitious dream, I am determined to make the best decisions to achieve it. As crazy as it may seem, I don’t want my dream just to become another lost memory.