What Are Your Dreams

What are your dreams (short- and long-term)? What are your fears (short- and long-term)? Do you feel confident that you are heading in the right direction in terms of realizing your dreams? Why or why not? THINK DEEPLY. Some people are romantic and sentimental. Others are rather pragmatic and cold-blooded. Despite the differences in our temper, outlook and beliefs, all of us have dreams and fears at the bottom of our hearts. Why do we need dreams? Actually, they give us the strongest motivation to make some achievements in our lives.

In fact, everybody has some global long-term dreams that are difficult to realize and require incredible efforts. My greatest dream is to make a trip around the world. To tell the truth, I adore viiting exotic countries, talking to people who lead a completely different way of life and exploring interesting corners of our planet. I would also like to start my own business in the nearest future, no matter how many efforts it will take and how much risk it will bring. This dream is rather short-term, but still very important and seriousWithout any doubt, all people have fears that become the obstacles to making their dreams come true.

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The most dangerous of them is the fear of risk. Being afraid of failure, we never achieve our goals. I believe it is my short-term fear. All of us must believe in ourselves and remember that only the one who is going ahead step by step will achieve their goals. Speaking about my long-term fear, I must confess that I am afraid to lose the people I love and hold dear, because they really mean a lot in my life.

Am I heading in the right direction to realize my dreams? Have I chosen the right path to the top? I believe I have. I dare say that the first step to starting my own business is gaining a good education. It is what I am doing now. If I make this very dream come true, I will be able to realize the other one, the trip around the world. It will actually take years to see whether I have chosen the right way to realize all my ambitions.

Nevertheless, I believe I shall never give up my dream. Unfortunately, people often give up when they are only a step away from achieving their aim.To sum up, the best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. We should not be afraid of our failures and mistakes and remember that it is the flaw that heightens the perfection.