Movies!? Countless hours editing super long videos, but the hours and the dedication is what counts. Producing videos will not be a week or a month. This the reason why it takes so long to make a movie. Video producing for large companies can be your job with the right skill requirements and educational background. Paid to edit Getting paid to edit would be fun especially when you can get paid from 105,970 to 120,530 dollars a year which is good money for the time you put into a project(“Video Producer Salary”).

Also you get paid more if your video is actually a movie because of all the sales money you will receive. Video education Colleges for video producing in Indiana are Taylor University and Huntington University. Both of these colleges offer video production courses such as Cinematography and film making, editing and directing. “The typical preparation for a career as a video producer would be a bachelor’s degree program in business administration or one of the performance arts”(“Video Producers: Career Info & Requirements”). Benefits! There are lots of benefits of being a video producer-you don’t have to leave home to edit a video that is already make, Plus you make a lot a year to work at home but you get even more money for sales on your video. They offer health and dental care.

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Lights,Camera,Action! Being a video producer would be the life because you work at home and you get paid a lot to do that along with healthcare and dental care. Over all this job is what i would consider a dream job based on the work to money ratio. Works Cited “Video Producer Salary.”

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