American Horror Story

I would consider American Horror Story one the best shows I have ever seen.

This show is not for everyone because most would consider it scary. I think the creatorsdeserve credit because they made a show that not only can be a little scary, but it is actuallyinteresting. The creators of the show are Ryan Murphy, and Brad Falchuk. Ryan Murphy is a pretty well-known director. From what I heard people were pretty surprised that he created a show like American Horror Story. Ryan Murphy, and Brad Falchuk took this sort of unknown show and but famous actors in it.

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For instance in the first season Jessica Lange, Dylan Mcdermott, and Connie Britton played very important roles. This show is very interesting because each season has a different story to it. In my opinion I think it is difficult to change the story line every 20 episodes and I think it is very impressive. The first season of the show was about a family that moved into a murder house and when you die in the house your spirit is stuck there. This season had amazing acting. The second season was about a very religious christian insane asylum.

The set on in this season was very was very detailed. The third season was about a witch coven. Several girls that were witches lived in a house and practiced their powers to see who would be the next Supreme meaning which witch was going to be in charge of the coven. As you can tell the topics changed drastically This is not only an entertaining show but the majority of the seasons are based in current time, and real world problems are included in them.

I think the way the show is presented is very creative and clever. Like I mentioned earlier each season has a different topic, but the majority of the same actors/actresses play roles in the different seasons. It is cool watching the actors transform into different characters each season and it’s fun trying to understand the new role they play and comparing it to the last role they played. The reason why I think this show deserves credit is because it can be frightening yet have a story behind it. The show was not very popular at first but now tons of people are watching it. There are characters in the show that some people can relate to.

For instance Evan Peters who played Tate in the first season besides the fact that he killed people he felt like this kid who nobody could understand, felt like a nobody, and had trust issues. I feel that many people can relate to that and that is why so many people enjoy the show. This is why I feel American Horror Story is a show that should be appreciated.