Self Destructive Teens, What Can We Do!?

Are you informed about why teens are so violent? Teens and violence are very delicate things and should not be taken lightly. Some reasons that teens choose violence is to release their anger or to solve their problems because of depression, disorders, and grief.

Teens go through many phases in their life and if they don’t know how to deal with these problems, it can become a grave problem. Is your teen getting violent because they are depressed? According to “Though teen girls are twice as likely to report feeling depressed, teen boys are more likely to express their depression though anger and anti-social behavior.” This quote is expressing that teen boys are most likely to express their depression though violent acts. “You might not think your teen is depressed when he/she throws that lamp across the room or screams at you for no reason, but according to physical Dan Williams, anger is classic sigh of teen depression.

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” This makes me think that teens should just ask for help instead of doing violent acts. Has your teen been doing violent things since the death of someone in your family? One of the reasons that teens act violent is because of grief. According to “Teen may use anger as a way to express feeling of grief and loss, following the death of a loved one.” Also, if you’re teen is throwing or damaging property they can be much stressed. Some way to solve this is to see a therapist or to have a friendly talk.

Does your teen have over active problems and has anger problems? Your teen might have ADHD. This is a disorder that gives you teen a lot of energy and can be easily distracted. This can be a problem because if the teen does not get there way they will throw a huge temper tantrum and break your property. According to “your child can be very angry if they don’t get there way and can lead to bad violence.” Teen violence can be solved.

By just being a part of your child’s life. This is important because if your child becomes violent he/she can get into gangs or start drugs. The ways teens get into violent acts is because their depressed, losing a close family members, or being bullied. A way to this solve problem is by talking to your teen or seeing a therapist every week.