Why Technology Is Bad for Teens

Social media has been something that teens go to for communication.It can be used to talking to friends far away. Although, social media is giving a bad output to teens. Social media can be a place of lies and deception from its lack of privacy.A lot of teens shrug off this fact which can leave them open to strangers.It can be easily tracked and people can lose their private information.

I once heard a story of a person being stalked on snapchat when a person sent pictures to them trying to talk to them.They would say, “why are you at so and so”, and, “please stop telling people that i am talking to you”. Another reason social media is bad for teens is that they become obsessed with it.They spend lots of time on it and it can lead to negative attitudes.There has been studies that people that are more active on social media are the ones who are the unhappiest.I have seen many people on snapchat and instagram posting almost everyday.

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Overall, social media gives a lot of negativity towards teens.It can range from loss of privacy to being stalked and being depressed.These can affect teens and lead them to having low self-esteem.