Peer Preasure On Teens

Peer Pressure And Drug UsageOnTeens Drugs and other substances can provoke bad behaviors in your studies and social life. Marijuana and alcohol are the top substances that teens use to “relax” or to get their mind off stress from school and/or social life/drama. Teens who influence people and pressure their peers to make teensthese decisions, most were influenced before too. Basically they’re passing it on to the next person so it would eventually spread to everyone.

Peer pressure can affect a teenagers’ drive to do something because of the increased stress, drug usage, and social life. Increase Of Stress On Teens A teen’s stress increases because he already has school work and/or because of his/her choice infriends. First, some teachers assign too much work and want it by a due date that is too soon. Second, their friends might pressure him into doing something to get them away from School work and him/her will end up not doing the work or tuning it in late. third , him will End up having stress symptoms like changing in behavior, body, and thoughts.

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That leads to drug usage/abuse such as illegal drugs or painkillers/over the counter drugs. Anderson 2 Affects Drug Usage On Teens Peers can go so far to pressure you to do something that can turn into a addiction. Drugs can be hard to get off when you’re put on to them. A common drug that teens use is Marijuana or they substitute it for Alcohol. Teens get pressured into doing this by trying to be/look cool infront of them.

This can really affect your social life. Your life could be really isolated because of drugs. Affects On Your Social Life Peer pressure lead to lot of thing but all of those come together in social life. When you do drugs or have a lot of stress you tend to go either wild or isolate yourself which both have bad effects on your social. If you isolate yourself you tend to not have people skills in the future.

If you go wild you tend to not care about school as much, start failing, and either you end up at a bad job or you drop out of school. Conclusion Your social life and stress can be provoked by peer pressure. A teens stress could increase by peer pressure. Peers can pressure you into doing things that can turn out bad. Your social life can be destroyed by peer pressure and drugs.

In conclusion stay away from drugs and don’t let your peers control you or try to change who you are. Anderson 3 Citations…/what-is-peer-pressure-definition-lesson-quiz.htm