Annulling Effects of Peer Pressure

Do you think peer pressure has negative or positive effects? Peer pressure makes you do things you don’t want to do. For example, a group of friends want you to cut school with them.

You say “no, I can’t” but they still force you to go with them. They force you to do it no matter what. This shows negative peer pressure. Peer pressure can make people influence one another negatively. For example, in the article “Peer Pressure” by Karen Fanning it tells a story about sixteen year old Katie who went to a party with her friends. Her friends compelled her to drink alcohol; before she knew it the police came and gave her a breathalyzer test.

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She failed and got arrested (Fanning). I feel that she shouldn’t have tried to fit in with her friends because she didn’t want to drink. Katie should not let her “so called” friends command her into doing dangerous actives. If she over drank she would not be able to get herself home. I conclude that Katie’s friends aren’t really her friends.

True friends will never push a friend into doing something uncomfortable. Katie is mainly depending on herself not on her parents. I could relate because I know how much consequences I would have to face if my parents knew I was drank alcohol. I sense that Katie got into a lot of trouble by her parents. “Teens have questions like am I normal” Do I fit in? And turn to their classmates for answers and get mixed up with a bad group of people” (Fanning). Katie mainly drank alcohol to fit in and probably because she didn’t have friends at the time.

She just wants to be noticed more. It is clearly stated that Katie followed the wrong group. The negative effects of peer pressure can influence each others about eating habits. For example in the article “Friends and Food” by Rohan Cait, it says, “if eating a candy bar with your best friend turns into candy bars after a cheese burger every day, your friend is influencing you to eat poorly” (Rohan). I think this can cause some serious heart problems and obesity.

The long term effect of this is becoming unhealthy. Kids who get influenced like this are going to suffer a lot of struggles like weight gaining or even could be overweight. Losing the weight can then be difficult. Not only does it make you gain weight, sugar slows you down. A bunch of candy bars would make it hard for you to stay awake and focus.

“According to a recent survey of four hundred and fifty girls more than sixty one percent changed their eating habits on what their pals were or weren’t eating” (Rohan). Teens who share information about each other have similar eating disorders. Megan W. who is fourteen years old states “my BFF is on a diet and I think she is way too young to be worrying about her weight” (Rohan). I agree with Meghan because her BFF isn’t even eighteen years old yet. Teens that skip meals are going to become frail.

Skipping meals on purpose to lose weight is going to make your body weak and have lack of nutrients. There are some serious side effects of losing weight such as anorexia. I think teens that follow their friends eating habits should make their own decision on what’s healthy. Although peer pressure is negative, it can be positive. For example, in the article entitled “Negative and Positive Effects of Peer Pressure” by Manali Oak, it states peer pressure can help you reflect on yourself. For instance, if a child knows that some of his friends read storybooks and go to the library he feels he should go to.

Being part of a larger group of peers can expose you to different traits and personalities. Peers can influence your personality. Their perspective of life can turn your life around and make you feel more confident. For example, you used to steal from stores, in prison, or were in gangs a lot, but this is how peer pressure could be positive. Peer pressure has many negative effects.

You could be influenced into smoking, drinking, shoplifting, bullying, and drugs. Peers can force you into doing these things even if you don’t want to. However, peer pressure could be positive. It can damage your actions and habits. Peer pressure can change your life. It can mostly be very harmful and make you get into a lot of trouble.

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