Case Study on Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure Case Study:

Peer pressure is the psychological impact of the social group on its members, which change their value, habits and norms of behaviour according to the requirements and standards of the group.The brightest examples of such groups are the groups with the formal membership (political parties) and informal groups, especially among the teenagers (for example, classmates, group-mates, etc.

). Peer pressure does not depend on the desire of an individual to belong to a certain social group and can reveal in different way, for example, doing such things which one would never do in the normal condition (smoking, taking drugs, having chaotic sexual relations, consuming alcohol, get married, find a job, have children, buy unnecessary things, including the expensive ones). The youth is considered to be the most vulnerable social group, which can be easily affected by peer pressure. Moreover, peer pressure is the meaning of their life and the attitude of the one young person to the other is the core element of their socialization. Unfortunately, peer pressure in the groups of young people focuses on the negative behaviour and world views, for example, smoking, taking drugs and drinking alcohol.

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Such values and activities as healthy way of life and going in for sport are treated like something hostile. The techniques of peer pressure can be used in business and management effectively. A real professional can use them to make the employees work harder and fulfil their duties better. The brightest example of such techniques are the encouraging of the leadership skills – an employee strives to be the best and works more bringing profit to the company.Peer pressure is the constant impact of the society on an individual and everyone accepts this influence in different way. A student who has to cope with peer pressure case study should investigate the topic from all sides to catch its core idea and its nature.

One will need to explain the meaning of peer pressure and demonstrate it on the direct example suggested for the case study.A student will research the case site and think about the problem of peer pressure analyzing the factors which have caused it. Next, student will need to analyze the effect of the problem and try to solve the puzzle of the case brainstorming new sensible methods and techniques.The most effective method to complete a good case study is to take advantage of the web and a free example case study on peer pressure written by an expert. If a student does not know about the standards of formatting, analysis of the topic and manner of writing, he should look through a good free sample case study on peer pressure written online.