Peer Pressure Free Essay Sample

Peer pressure is dangerous and unhealthy to all teens and will influence the minds of our youth. I recently began reading a popular book by an anonymous author called, Go Ask Alice. I found this novel very interesting and different mostly because it was written in the style of a journal. Once I read to the part of drug use and influence, I immediately understood the purpose of the novel.

Peer pressure alters ones mind to act as another under the influence of pressure. The ultimate key to high school is “fitting in”. Many teens undergo stages of their life because of another’s words. Popular kids have a higher say and will be listened to and most likely followed. One’s peers could be negative and have a bad effect on another person or their peers could inspire them to be better. One of the worst cases of peer pressure would have to be the influence of a parent.

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A parent can be one who strives to be better and is hardworking. A parent can also be lazy and abusive. In both cases, the child can be influenced to do as he/she has seen. For example, if a child was abused, they will most likely be abusive and live a harder life. Peer pressure has both a negative and positive side effect.

Peer pressure also involves teen risk taking. This may include sexual behaviors, reckless driving, drinking, and drug use. These activities could be a normal occasion for one’s peers but is completely dangerous for the newcomer. Peers play a large role in the listener’s social and emotional life. Being a teen, I have experienced peer pressure first-hand. It is hard rejecting one of your peers because all a teen wants is to fit in.

One of the easiest steps to overcome peer pressure however, is to be truthful and understand all the outcomes. Peer pressure can have permanent side effects. Girls are most vulnerable to this topic mostly because of the standard weight issue. It can also lead to suicide and extensive drug abuse. Despite all the negative turns peer pressure can do to someone, it can sometimes be good. A poll was written in 2008 that 60.

6% of children between the ages of twelve and eighteen suffer from drug abuse. I strongly believe there is more to it than what is publicly exposed. One’s peers can truly be a great contributor and teach important lessons. One of the most important lesson is how to keep yourself grounded. Teens nowadays don’t have a clue how to react to situations their put in. Teens value their peers behaviors and might take theirs into consideration.