Peer Pressure

Peer pressure includes both sides, positive and negative. However, peer pressure is mostly negative. Its negative effects are much more serious than the positive.

Peer pressure can be negative in many ways. For example, people could make the wrong decision that would influence their lives. Therefore, peer pressure is negative and it can cause many problems. One support can be found in the article entitled, “Peer Pressure Power” by Lynn Brunelle, where it says, “They can push you to make bad choices, even dangerous one.” (Lynn Brunelle) This shows peer pressure often influenced people do the wrong things, some of them can even put you at the dangerous positions. For instance, people may follow their peers to cutting school.

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Bsides, if a student wants to fit in a group that smokes all the time, that student will try to smoke in order to fit in. Furthermore, fact from article “How to Combat Negative Peer Pressure” by Mark Rafenstein, where it says, “Everyone there was drinking. Some kids were smoking dope, too. Though I had made up my mind not to make the same mistakes my brother made, my friends coaxed me into having some drinks.” (Mark Rafenstein) This states how does peer pressure endangers us. Any of these activities could destroy your life.

It is horrible that one error ruin one’s life. Therefore, peer pressure is negative because people will have made wrong decisions that could affect their whole lives. Another reason that peer pressure is negative is because it will influence your mentality. One support can be found in Monica Shah’s article, “Stand Up For Yourself,” where it says, “Peer pressure can also be about leaving people out, not talking to them, giving them dirty looks, or making them feel unwelcome.”(Monica Shah) This reflects that peer pressure would damages one’s inner feeling by doing those things to make him or her feel uncomfortable with. For example, a new student comes to a class, but the other students are not welcoming her/him.

S/he might keep thinking she is an unwelcome person. After a long time, her mind will be distressed by keep thinking those negative ideas. Moreover, a fact from “Peer Pressure Power,” where it says, “Those habits include smoking, drinking, and cheating. In other cases, teenagers may be pressured to lie, shoplift, bully, engage in sexual activity, or do drugs.” (Lynn Brunelle) This shows that peer pressure could result people do various unsuitable things. Each of them would affect their mentality in future if they were engaging them.

Likewise, a person who smokes and drinks lived shorter than a person who doesn’t smokes and drinks. That’s because they contain many unhealthy ingredients; those unhealthy compositions will hurt people’s body, which include their mind. As you see, peer pressure is negative because it will influence your mentality. Although peer pressure is negative, it can also be positive. For example, in article entitled “Peer Pressure,” where it says, “Michael Curran, a 17-year-old senior at the Kiski School, says his classmates have helped motivate him to do well in the classroom,” (Karen Fanning) This shows peer pressure can be also about helping people when she or he has problems. I remember that when I just arrived to America, I didn’t speak English and have no comprehension about English.

At that time, my classmates helped me a lot. They translated for me and taught me to do the homework. I appreciate them a lot. Another fact from “Peer Pressure Power,” where it says, “The popular group could be really nice; the athlete, a hard worker. Being inspired and influenced by different peer groups could help you in the long run.” (Lynn Brunelle)This reflects people are able to learn such things from their peers.

For example, my friend went to volunteer in the society. I’m inspired by him, so that I ‘m looking for a volunteer, trying to help in our society. It is clear that peer pressure is negative, but it can be also be positive. In conclusion, peer pressure is usually negative. It is because peer pressure leads people to make wrong decisions that would influence their lives such as smoking, drinking or doing drugs.

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