Teens that don’t listen

TEEN INK Kids That Do Drugs and don’t listen. There are kids all over the world that don’t listen or they do drugs. In this story i’m going to tell you some things I know about how kids do drugs or even don’t listen, because they both can lead to very bad things. When they don’t listen to they older people they live with, they will get mad and they will kick them out or make them go to jail.

Or they will miss school, get the cops into because they miss school. They will hang with the wrong kind of people and get on drugs, and won’t listen even take things from their family. Kids that smoke weed or anything that is like that. They will not listen come home late, and come home and eat anything that they can find. Most kids don’t have the money to buy what they need, so they will take from family to sell it or they will take things from stores.

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After the kids get old of weed they will go, and find something else that they can get high off of. Some don’t think that what all can happen after they do worse drugs. Kids that get on bad drugs they will start putting it into their arms or anywhere else that they can find to get high off of. Some don’t know that they can go to jail for a verylong time, or even they can get killed or be killed. Most teens that don’t listen to or even do drugs, some get killed.

Because that will mess with the wrong person and get hurt or even killed. But on the other teens that’s on drugs can get to much of the drug and it will kill them. Or if they mess someone over they can get killed by that. The main reason is that the teens moms and dads or whoever they live with, other people that kids don’t do drugs or listen to them, would look bad at the parent’s of the kids that do do drugs. Because that other parent’s think that all the kids should be like theirs and not do any kinds of drugs and should always listen to what the parent’s say.

Some other facts about teens that do drugs or don’t listen, is that they don’t care what the parent’s feel, about how they act. They don’t know that they stay up to make sure they come home okay, and nothing bad has happen to them. Or that they don’t they don’t know that when they are at parties every weekend , if they are going to get a phone call or a cop coming to the door saying your child never coming home. The teens only think about the drugs, and forget that they have a family that is at home worried sick about them, hoping that they would come home safe and sound and that they know they are at home. The teens are gone all night, lies to the parent’s. Same with kids that don’t listen they lie and take from people.

Some other things is that the teens don’t get that doing drugs and not listening don’t make you look cool. Some don’t know that if you start on drugs and doing them everyday and always being high off of the drugs, they cant get a good job. Some even drop out of high school, because they don’t have anytime to do anything else but do the drug. Something else that drugs make your body look older then what you really are. When kids get hooked onto drugs, they always want more and more and then it’s too late… They end up getting HIV from sharing needles with someone. And that they will end up taking to much and dying from it like i said before.

. Well that’s all i have to say about this.