Good Reasons Why You Should Listen to Music

Music can bring you happiness and many more emotions. Also helps you with your health and learning. It can help in other ways for example, Keeping you calm, gives you energy to exercise, it helps you be in a happier/good mood,and help you focus & can reduce your stress. There are many more reasons why music is good for listening or singing. People might not believe it butthere are researches by scientists that listening to music does something good.

Sometimes we are anxious/nervous, and we don’t really know what to do or how to stop it. “Listening to music—at least music with a slow tempo and low pitch, without lyrics or loud instrumentation—can calm people down, even during highly stressful or painful events” (Jill Suttie, Psy.D.). So it doesn’t really matter if you are in pain or any other emotions, music might be the answer for anything. We might not see how listening to music helps us a lot.

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There are actually more reasons why listening to music isgood. There are a lot of types of music/song. But there are some song that are for exercising, and that they give you energy and makes you been in a good mood. Dhani Jones said, “There is nothings better than live music. It’s raw energy, and raw energy feeds the soul.

” Once we are into the music it’s really fun and enjoyable & you can lose track on the time and probably do more with energy, without being lazy. Let’s see some more reasons. What else can make us happy if is not music? Happiness is discovering a new song. Even scientist have said that music gives you a good feel. Chris Hesse said “It’s unfashionable to admit.

But playing music make us happy and make us smile.” Sometimes we feel down and music is all we need. Some songs have a really good lyrics so they make you feel good. Do you wonder what other reasons? Who would’ve thought that music helps people concentrate/Focus. There have being a lot of positives scans that music can help us focus. In a article says “Tuning into music from the late baroque period, leads to changes in the brain that help with attention and storing events into memory.

” There are other people with the same opinions. That means that people enjoy music and they are interested in the benefits as well. Or maybe not in the benefits but just the way they feel just by listening to songs. One last reason is that music helps you reduce stress. Researches says “To stay calm and healthy during a stressful day, turn on the radio. Be sure to sing along and tap your feet to the beat to get the maximum healing benefit” (Jill Suttie, Psy.

D.). It shows that music can help with anything. Dr.Galina M said “when you need to relax, the mind start hearing the music.

” As you can see there are even researches to show that can be good. There are a lot of other reasons why listening to music can be good and healthy. Music can bring you happiness and many more emotions. It can also help you with your health and learning. It helps in other ways for example, keeping you calm, gives you energy to exercise, makes you be inhappier/good mood, and help you focus & can reduce stress, and in many other ways.