Life Without Music

According to School Music Today a study shows “high school music students have higher grade point averages than non-music students and music majors have the highest SAT scores in all areas.” Music improves the mind greatly by making you focus more. Music classes are a big part of some student’s lives. They live for music, trying to get a scholarship, or hoping that one day they can be great. It can help people greatly by teaching you to listen, helps you multitask, and increase responsibility. Music can help kids stay away from illegal activities since most bands practice more than once a week after school.

It reaches out to people in need, listening can make you feel a verity of emotions. Music can be that one thing that people need to help them get through in life. A kid in my orchestra class has autism he told me how music has saved him and has made him communicate better with people. I know he isn’t the only one that has helped him. Elimiting music in the school system would greatly devastate some people. It also gives people jobs.

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I have three music classes a day: concert band, jazz band, and orchestra. My family isn’t the wealthiest so I plan on trying to get a scholarship for music. Shutting down music programs in schools would affect a lot of people.