Music is in Me

Music is in me, music has become my life.

I took dance when I was a kid, I was in choir in elementary school, I learned to play the flute in eighth grade, and now I am currently a drum major. Music dwells inside my soul. When have you ever heard someone say, “I just simply do not like music.” Personally, I have yet to meet this person. That is because today music is everywhere in our culture.

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It is on the radio in our cars, in elevators, on television, in movies, at sporting events, and especially at heritage festivals. Music is all around us, and I love it! But imagine a world where you could not drive your car with the radio on, or where television and movies did not have music to emphasis the drama, or where a sporting event did not have a band playing songs to get the crowd pumped up. Then the world would not be as exciting, fun, or pumped up. But back hundreds of years ago a person who wanted to hear music would either have to sing to themselves, go to a religious place, or go see a professional ensemble. Think of all the technology we have now.

Want to hear your favorite band right from the comfort of your home? Simple, just go online, or buy their CD, or you can even watch their live performance on television. Music is a way we can express ourselves. Maybe not everyone is a musician, can read music, or sing all that great. But everyone can find a song that relates to them in some way. Everyone can enjoy music.

Music is also another performance art form. I remember my first time performing at a football game. I remember the nerves of forgetting my show or stumbling. I especially remember the lights, the fans, and the energetic feeling I got. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced in my life. Every time I have marched out on to that field I get that feeling of energy that just runs throughout my veins.

That feeling has made me strive to do better with each performance. I love marching band; I love it so much I decided to become the leader of the band. Though, I do not want to just be known as a good drum major, I want to part of a legacy; I want to be great. One thing is sad. Music budgets all over are being cut, kids are opting for sports rather than a fine art, and ensembles are becoming smaller. Many kids I know that are not in band or orchestra just simply do not want to be classified as a “band nerd” or a “dorkastra” kid.

Most kids would rather be a cheerleader or a football player. I am happy to be a “band nerd.” Its where I fit in and can be myself without people judging me for being a “nerd.” I have band geek pride.