Moods and Music

When you listen to music, do you find your mood changing to the music? Do you find yourself starting to slam doors or smiling brightly? Studies prove that listening to uplifting or depressing music can alter mood, thus, you should be conscientious of the type of music you listen to.

Need a “pick-me-up”? When you are feeling down you should try to listen to an upbeat tune, such as pop. You should avoid heavy metal. Studies prove that when you listen to pop it causes the brain to release dopamine, which is a “feel-good” chemical (Sohn) . Some examples are: Callie Moore Kina Grannis Vanessa Carlton Work it out! When you are working out you should listen to a fast-pasted beat, such as alternative and electronic. The alternative genre may make you feel a little angry but that will give you the motivation to keep going and keeping pace. The electronic genre also keeps your pace.

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Some examples: Benny Benassi Skrillex Example Chill out! When you want to relax, you should try instrumental and classical. This music is also good for studying. This music is allows you to focus on your work. If you were to listen to a song with lyrics it’s harder to focus because you are using your “left side” of the brain. That, which focuses on words. When you listen to music with no lyrics you’re focusing on what you’re doing at the time.

Some examples are: Explosions in the sky Siberian orchestra Mozart Next time you find yourself in a “mood” try these kinds of songs. Close your eyes, breathe, turn up the volume, and embarrass the tunes.