Why do people listen to different music genres?

Imagine you are at a party. There was music, dancing, singing, games and things like that. As different songs came on, you noticed that some people were standing and enjoying but some people were sitting. When a different song came on, the people who were sitting, stood up and enjoying the song. The people who were enjoying the other song, sat down.

You wondered, “Why do people like different types of music? When you listen to any genre of music, you like it. Sometimes even love it. Have you ever wondered why you like that genre?There are many genres out there. It can vary from smooth jazz, to hardcore metal. Every time you listen to a genre, you have your own opinion. Classical, for example, is viewed as “old people” music, but some young adults actually enjoy it.

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They view it as a relaxing way to focus. Some really sweet, innocent people really like heavy metal. Maybe it’s because of the bass line, or the screaming and stuff. A student, John Agusto, says he likes rap and hip-hop, because, “he can relate to it” Other reasons why people listen to music is because they grew up listening to it. Another student, Ashley LeConti, says she listens to country because, “her mother grew up in North Dakota, listening to country, so she listens to it” Mostly why people listen to music is because they just like it.

There is no reason why, they just do.So next time, you listen to a genre of music, think about why you specifically listen to that type. Is it because of the way you view it, because you can relate to it, because you grew up with it, or because of the way you like it. Also next time you find someone with a different liking of music than you, don’t say they have a “bad taste in music”, maybe they like it for the same reasons you like your music. Remember, music is like candy, everyone has their favorite type.