Music in my life – Exemplification Essay

There are various forms of music in my life, and in order to demonstrate and show this, I have written an Exemplification essay that details the music I think is rather good. My exemplification essay shows which genres I enjoy and the bands or songs I enjoy within them.

Classical There are a few pieces I enjoy in the classical genre. One of them is Vivaldi’s Winter from the Four Seasons. I also enjoy the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. There are quite a few movie themes and scores that qualify as classical music in that they are in the genre, though people tend to look down on me for enjoying them.Gothic/Rock OperaThis is an area that has a massive following in some places in Europe, and is unheard of in other countries.

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The band Nightwish are fantastic. They work with dramatic and epic vocals alongside rock music and an orchestra. The production of their songs is very expensive and often involves up to eighty people. There is also Evanescence, and they are a group that are more of a gothic rock band, yet they still use epic vocals to get their point across and are very good at it. I also like Avril Lavigne. Avril is not a gothic opera singer, but she does have a voice that would translate very well into gothic and rock opera.

She has a very powerful voice that she can mix with feeling and emotion, which is why I enjoy quite a few of her songs too.RapI do not care for rap music as it appears to be based on bad poetry and I am not keen on poetry in general. Still, I do enjoy Eminem, and he has a fantastic selection of songs that are heartfelt and very powerful. The messages in his songs seem to carry more weight than the music itself. Some of his songs and their music have become iconic and he does have a knack for touching people emotionally with his words and music.

Rock My tastes in rock are both mainstream and outsider. For example, I thoroughly enjoy some of Aerosmith’s songs and even enjoy some of Kid Rock’s songs. My other tastes are slightly detached. For example, I think Delain are incredibly talented. I think Delain touch a form of power in their music that others are only able to achieve using anger. I think Nemesea have at least one good album because they were not concerned with pleasing the masses and it worked well.

I think some Within Temptation songs have a lot of heart and I even think Blink 182 have an attitude and exuberance that no other band has managed to capture.ConclusionAs you can see by my examples, I have a varied taste in music and music genres. I cannot honestly say there is a genre that is better than another. I think any genre can hold a great song if the music producers are good enough. This was proved by the fact I like Eminem, since I do not enjoy rap in general.