Persuasive Exemplification Essay – Legalizing marijuana

In my essay, I give examples of how marijuana is damaging our country and how people are suffering because it is being supplied to them illegally. My essay gives examples that prove the light-hearted approach the media has taken to marijuana is both damaging and killing people. People become addicted to itIf it is not as dangerous and bad as people claim.

If it is just a recreational drug as harmless as eating an Apple, then why are people so frequently addicted to it? People say it has no addictive properties, and yet detox and rehab clinics for marijuana addiction have never been more popular or overflowing with people. People say it is in no way similar to smoking tobacco, and yet most users cannot go more than three days without having it. How can they claim it is not addictive?It causes paranoia and depressionThere are many examples of long and short-term users of marijuana that have severe cases of paranoia and depression. These cases are sometimes reversible once the person on drugs is off them, but there are many times where the marijuana user (even ex-users) are prone to bouts of paranoia and depression.

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What is worse is that so many people are told that marijuana has no ill effects that people smoke it without realizing the severe and permanent damage they are doing to their mind. It makes you comfortable with doing nothingThere are many examples of people starting to smoke marijuana in their teens and by the age of 30 they have no skills, no job and no future. They have nothing because marijuana has made them comfortable with doing nothing. It is a drug that makes people happy with having nothing to do and makes people happy with being bored. The direct effect is so severe that people sit around high doing nothing.

It slows their minds and their bodies so that they do not feel like doing anything and so anything they do is slower. It makes boredom something they no longer fear, which is dangerous because the fear of boredom is what pushes us to try new things, learn new skills and meet new people. Without a fear of boredom, people waste their lives away. Marijuana causes erectile dysfunctionThe chemicals that create the high that marijuana gives will also affect the user’s brain chemistry very negatively. As stated, it will make the user depressed and paranoid both in the short and long term.

It also affects the brain chemistry related to happiness and sadness. There have been many examples of users becoming depressed and then unable to maintain an erection without further chemical stimulation. ConclusionThere are plenty of examples of how marijuana is a dangerous and toxic drug that ruins lives. The worst part is that the popular media has taken a light-hearted view of marijuana and treat it as a harmless vice. They never show the serious side to its use, which includes brain damage and people losing their futures.

If the consequences were shown in the media, people may not be so nonchalant about the use of marijuana.