Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay Would you be more concerned about somebody saying they are going to beat you up or them actually going through with it? I don’t know about you but I’d be more worried about somebody actually taking action rather than talking or thinking about it. This is where the story begins, in my opinion a persons action has more influence rather than somebody thinking. Actions have a permanent affect while thoughts only last for so long. For example this summer I was looking for a job. Weeks before summer began I had thought quickly vanished.

However the thought reoccurred and I decided to take action and go ask for a job and make some money. This can also work in a negative way. Another reason I believe action is more important is because action effects more than one person while somebody thinking about doing something is only known by them. Let’s say I have an invention idea, I would want to take action and share it with more people rather than just thinking about it forever.Overall people thinking action has a greater affect rather than just thinking therefore that’s why someone doing something is more important that just thinking.

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