Music in Classes

When most people think of iPods in school, they think of rebellious teenagers getting no work done and blocking out the world. My thoughts on this are the exact opposite—I personally think iPods could actually help students. Although not many adults may agree, teenagers have a very good point when they say it would be good for iPods to be permitted within schools for a number of reasons. Allowing music through iPods in school can help students focus. Studies have been done to prove this theory.

For example, a study showed certain kind of music helped students retain more information and work more diligently. This study, done by Maya Ruvinshteyn and Leonard Parrino, both professors at Essex County College, showed enhanced learning in foreign languages and better performance in certain tests. I’ve learned this not only from research, but from personal experience. Music clearly helps most people focus and learn better. In addition, music has an effect on people’s moods and emotions.

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If a student is having a bad day or is angry, music could calm him down. Also, if a student is sad a certain song could cheer him up. This would make the student’s mood better and motivate him to work better and harder on his schoolwork. Music’s effect on people, especially young people, is definitely positive. Also, some teachers argue that listening to music distracts kids. Although that is a valid point, teachers could set times where music would be allowed, such as study hall or when students are silently working in class.

If students listened at times other than the set times, they could be punished. Also, if students listened to music at inappropriate times, like while a teacher is talking, their grades would surely plummet. In that case, bad grades would be a type of self-punishment, not to mention the punishment the student would most likely receive from parents because of these poor grades. This shows kids that irresponsible choices have consequences. Children listening to iPods in school would not take the learning out of school in any way. In conclusion, I think iPods should be allowed in schools, not only for the obvious reason of enjoyment, but for many others.

Music can help people concentrate, so it may help students work harder. The effect music has on people’s emotions can calm down students, cheer them up, and most definitely motivate them. I honestly think listening to iPods would be beneficial to students everywhere.