Music Helps Students Focus

“Turn off the music,” yells the teacher. How many times have you heard that? I have heard that many times. I am an 8th grade student.

In the past few years i have been talked to for having my phone and listening to music while studying. In the 8th grade the teachers are cool with it. Music helps me focus, and it helps me achieve more things than without it. Is this just for me? Or do others feel the same about music? Music is proven to help students get higher test grades, more accuracy on homework, and overall, it helps them focus. Why is this important to me you might ask? This is important to me because i am a student. I want the best for my classmates and myself.

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But, that is my opinion. Lets get into the facts. According to the website Edutopia, music takes away distractions. Also, little do many people know but music helps students in their studies. It even helps those students with ADD/ADHD focus on what they are doing. Even to children without disabilities.

Listening to music in class is like the horses at the Kentucky Derby, they are always on task. There was a study i found that proves that music does really help you. There were 2 groups of students that were told to take the same test. 1 group was listening to music, the others werent. It turns out that the group that had music during the test got higher test scores. This is an excellent example of what I have been trying to prove.

Maybe teachers don’t agree with students having their earbuds plugged in. Maybe they don’t trust them with a phone out while doing work, or taking a test. Students could come up with a music playlist. Not only will this make class fun, but it will give a chance for students to get together, and come up with songs. Teachers could play this playlist on their computer, and everyone can have a focused, enjoyable class!