Case Study on Leadership

Free Leadership Case Study:

1. When it comes to describing Arnold Schwarzenegger the first words that come to one’s mind are usually: strength, force, stamina, charisma and hot temper. The Big Five Taxonomy of Personality consists of such traits as extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness to experience.

In my mind, when looking at Schwarzenegger it can be assumed that out of the mentioned five traits he would poses neuroticism and openness to new experiences. The traits of character Schwarzenegger possesses have, for sure, helped him achieve the success he is enjoying right now. As it was clear from the case study, the early years of Schwarzenegger’s life were not easy, however due to his enormous persistence and strong will Arnold managed to thrive in acting, sports, and politics. A person with such traits of character as Schwarzenegger would, in my mind, have an autocratic leadership style.2. According to the case study, Schwarzenegger tries to, first of all, persuade the people that his image of a iron-strong, neurotic and despotic ruler is false.

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In his leadership he is trying combine the republican and democratic policies. Moreover, it seems that he is ready to work for the people and actually improve their living. Thus, it is one of his tactics to worm himself into people’ confidence and prove that he really is “a nice guy”, even though he looks tough and impermeable.3. Having read the case study, I would say that Arnold has a democratic-participative leadership style. I hold this opinion because it was mentioned in the text that Schwarzenegger, unlike his processors, was not afraid to leave the office and deal with the problems himself.

As far as I can see, the leadership style of Schwarzenegger is and will be effective. This is because the people like him, they are ready to follow him, moreover, he had already made changes in the state for the better. Schwarzenegger tends to govern in a moderating manner that has proven itself to be very successful.4. Over the course of the case it was many times shown that Schwarzenegger is the person who always reaches the goals he puts up. He wanted to flee Austria and he did everything for it to happen, even though his parents were against it all the way.

He became a sportsman, than a movie start and then, when his heart started seeking something else he was not afraid to have big ideas about the governor’s chair. Schwarzenegger’s life is a perfect example of a goal-setting theory according to which clear goals’ setting help an individual achieve success.5. It is not easy to find dark sides in Arnold’s personality. When there are some, he is doing his best to hide them.

In my opinion, Schwarzenegger seems to be very ambitious and this can be considered a negative trait when taken to the extremes. Thus, Schwarzenegger’s enormous persistence and ambitiousness may lead to disappointing occurrences.6. From one point Schwarzenegger’s personality and leadership style may assist him when negotiating with other parties, such as teachers’ unions. This is because he was brought up in a simple family and seems to be a simple person who knows what average people want and wants to do his best to help them.

On the other hand, dealing with other parties may be rather problematic for Schwarzenegger, because some parties could have no trust in him because of his non-political and non-educational past.