Case Study on Manchester United

Manchester United Case Study:

Manchester United is the English professional soccer club which was founded under the name of Newton Heath in 1878.

The club changed its name into Manchester United in 1902. Manchester United is one of the most successful English soccer clubs in the history of soccer taking into account the number of its prizes and cups. Moreover – it is the most successful club in Great Britain for the latest 20 years. The team has won 27 important cups since October 1986 under the control of Alex Ferguson. In 1968 the team became the strongest one in Europe; in 1999 it became the winner in UEFA Champions League for the second time.

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in the season of 2010-2011 United won the championship of England in the 19th time (it is the biggest achievement among all the British clubs).Moreover, the club has won the record number of FA Cups (11 cups).Currently, Manchester United is one of the three most profitable and expensive clubs in the world; in 2011 the budget of the club of equal to 1,86 billion dollars. Manchester United is supposed to be a really old club which has survived a great number of problems, including the catastrophe known as Munich air disaster of 6 February 1958, when the best players of the club lost their lives during the air crash. In spite of it, the team managed to find the new young players and was among the best English teams again.

The club has got several informal names among its fans: “Red Devils” and “The Reds”. Finally, United is famous for the biggest number of its fans, as there is no other club which can boast of such overcrowded stadiums during its games.Manchester United is one of the most famous soccer clubs in the world and the most successful one in Great Britain. The student has the opportunity to observe the history of Red Devils and define the secrets of the team’s success. One has to dwell on the periods of the club’s activity, mention the success and failure of United, present brief facts about the most effective players in the history of The Reds and evaluate the current condition of the club and its position on the international arena.

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