Case Study on United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton case study:

United Colors of Benetton is the fashion industry brand belonging to Benetton Group, which has its headquarters in Treviso, Italy. The name of the company and the brand comes from the name of the founder Luciano Benetton and his family, members of which take the active part in the management of the company’s work. Benetton Group has more than 6200 stores all over the world and produces clothes, accessories, perfumes, products for children, etc. The major spheres of the company’s work are the designer’s clothes.The everyday clothes are sold under the trademark United Colors of Benetton, the fashion-directed divisions are Sisley and Playlife.

Speaking about marketing United Colors of Benetton is known for its controversial advertisements. Due to the creativity of the marketing manager Oliviero Toscani the company increased its popularity enormously. The manager focused on the creation of the image of the production without the presentation of the Benetton’s clothes. The advertisements contained controversial topics which were often tabooed, criticized, feared of and the United Colors of Benetton was supposed to break all the rules and taboos and unite people of all races, religious groups and gender. Of course, Benetton’s advertisements shocked many people and the company was severely criticized for it, but controversial topics are known to attract the general public and the income of the company increased greatly.

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Benetton is also known to be one of the greatest sponsors of sports competitions, especially Formula One. Since the beginning of the 1980-ies Benetton Group is the active sponsor of the chosen Formula One teams and under its sponsorship Michael Schumacher won his first world cup.United Colors of Benetton is a useful topic for the analysis, because students learn about the successful development of the company, the type of marketing and evaluate the facts wisely.Speaking about the case which has occurred with United Colors of Benetton, the student should research the case site in order to understand the nature of the problem. After that one is supposed to learn about the details which can help to find the cause of the problem and define its effect on the production of United Colors of Benetton. The student is expected to solve the problem objectively and support his point of view with the worthy arguments.

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