Panem vs. The United States

Has violence taken over our society? Well not in the United States it hasn’t, but think of other countries like Panem. Panem is a country where kids are chosen by the district to fight to the death. Not wanting to, but forced into it. There are a lot of similarities and differences between Panem and the United States.

There are a lot of similarities between Panem and modern day society like physical appearance. Modern day appearance is just like Panem’s appearance people still care about how they look in similarities they dye their hair unusual colors. Media is a big part of our society because in modern day and Panem we both still watch violent television shows and video games. Violence is the easy way out of a bad situation. Violence is a dangerous game.

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We both have violence in our world there is cruel violence and there is domestic violence. We have a little of both in Panem and the United States. Government is very important to have when you start a country. Although Panem and The United States are different they both still have a government system in some way. Physical appearance is very important in the United States and Panem, but not the same appearance you’re thinking of.

In the United States people always compare their self’s to other people so they go out and get surgery on their faces and bodies to make them look younger or prettier. They dye their hair different colors and they also go to tanning beds to improve their skin color. Plus people wear make-up. In Panem it’s a whole different story. In Panem they dye their bodies’ different colors like blue and so on.

Media in the United States is very crucial we don’t believe in children killing children and we don’t believe in forcing children to go out in an arena and fight to the death while trying to survive their self’s. In Panem they believe that during the games everything should be broadcasted on TV. When you’re in the games your being watched 24/7 you’re never alone. Violence in the United States is less violent than Panem. In the United States we do still have violence, but the worst possible thing that can happen to you is jail, but in Panem you fight to the death or kill people to resolve your differences. The government in the United States is very different from Panem like in the United States there is a president and states and in Panem there are dictators and districts. As you can see there are a lot of similarities and differences between Panem and the United States like: violence, government, physical appearance and media.