Panem VS. Modren day

The government, the violence, and the obsessions over appearances are some things Panem has and the modern day has. Panem and today’s world are so different and yet so similar. Have physical appearances taken over modern day and the appearances of the ones we know and love? Physical appearances have gone extreme and so has violence; How would it feel to live in a society where people feed on violence and the government supports it. Both Panem and the modern day have their share of violence. But are the violence’s the same or not.

Both are societies like to watch violence for example in Panem there are the Hunger Games where children fight to the death in an giant arena and it is aired on TV and in our society people have been watching violent movies for I don’t know how long, like the Godfather or the Black Hawk Down. Also it seems that the people with the money have the good weapons because they can use their money to buy better weapons. An example weapons but for example is that I have experienced that the people with the money have the good paint ball guns. Today’s world has there violence but Panem’s violence goes over the extreme. Panem has an event that promotes kids killing each other on T.V.

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, The Hunger Games are an extremely violent event were kids have to compete to battle to their death in an arena. Consider sending a small child to fight to a tragic bloody death even if winning without a scratch she would still be scarred for life. Both societies have rebellions but unlike modern day, Panem’s rebellion led to a revolution, as a result Panem Nuked district thirteen; all that was left was rubble. Physical appearances are things that both modern day and Panem go to the extreme for, either not eating and starving like a lot of models today or getting plastic surgery to change. Some of the things people will do to look appealing to others is not even worth it. Both societies have obsessions with looks, beauty stylists, plastic surgery, and dying of the hair.

But what Panem has that we don’t is the extreme of dying people’s skin from colors red to blue. They also have the dressing of the tributes to help get sponsors. They say beauty hurts imagine wearing a dress made out of fire just to look good. Now for the modern day, modern day has beauty pageants that are similar to the dressing of the tributes. But beauty pageants don’t have sponsors to help individuals wrangle to death with each other; instead, people do it for money, the glory, the title, and the trophy.

The government is an important part of any society. Both of the societies have a capital where the president lives and both modern day and Panem have a man as the leader of their territory. As every government both governments govern the law or in other words control the law. As for Panem they don’t have as much as a president like modern day, they have more of a dictator who only supports the rich and famous. Panem’s government is unfair; they preclude people from having their own businesses and they watch people twenty-four-seven. Obviously the districts are not safe places to live if people say anything bad about the government they would get their tongue cut off even face death penalties.

In today’s world the government cares for the poor. They also have states not districts. They let people start their own businesses and they give people the freedom to speak. Also they give the individuals their privacy. Children killing children, unfair government, and extreme obsession with looks is what a little of Panem really is.

Is this where were heading today? To a place that precludes people from saying bad things about the government, a place that sends young children to their death, or a place where people change their appearance to look better. Where would you like to live?