Hunger Games vs. Panem

Are people to violent to people? Some People think so but in Susan Collins book “The Hunger Games” That Government doesn’t think that they are violent at all. It is a violent book that watches their children die, but this is just one of many that can compare to today’s world and Panem. In the book a variety of similarities and differences like Violence, Appearances and Survival. Appearances are always important to people, in Panem they don’t worry about their appearance as much as Americans do, unless you are a member of the capitol who prizes their looks. One thing we do often is plastic surgery and Panem capital is more extreme and is more often like tattoos on the face. Also Americans wear a lot of makeup.

In the arena the girls don’t even mind not having makeup or anything. The only thing the Panem makes their competitors look nice is when they are getting interviewed and when they see the viewers or watchers, but Americans both don’t want to look horrible when people go into pubic. Both worlds want to look decent. Survival is another big thing that can be compared the different worlds. For one thing is Americas both needing water but for some people it might be easier than others. Some people in our world are poor and live on the streets and have to struggle and grope for food.

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That is also kind of like in some parts of Panem, but some of us it’s kind of easy. We have a good job and can get enough money to get the necessities. This is like the capital except the capital is wealthier then some of the people that can afford the necessities and that all they can afford, but the capital can gets lots of stuff. Some people might think that because there things might be cheaper but overall it is kind of the same. Next thing about survival is in the arena in Panem you can’t really trust anyone because if you do you could easily die. In the United States it’s not the extreme.

It is similar like you cannot trust someone with money if they have criminal records or you can’t trust like a stranger with your house keys or your car because they can easily take it and not get caught. Also like Panem you don’t just do that you think and see if it’s a good idea. The only time someone would probably do it is if you know them really well but even then you still can’t trust anyone except yourself or you can end up died. Next is Violence that in the United States there are a lot more criminal acts then Panem, but Americans don’t send 24 people in this arena and make then kill each other and have their family watch them die. Also Panem don’t have to worry about as many people breaking into your house or murders as much as we do. They still have to worry about them just not as much.

Violence is not always why people die some people die for suicide murders and lots more. On average 6,446,131,400 died in 2005.The good thing is that more people are being born then are dying, but this will not be a good thing in like 50 years because our world will be over populated. Around 56,597,034 leave us every year which is 155000 a day which seems right because of the war. Panem doesn’t have to worry about this problem because they know they kill 23 but they don’t have as much violence as up. The bad thing is they would become more populated quicker because not as many people die of war and stuff.

In the United States in 2004 there were about 73,485,898 mouths to feed. This could be a problem!