The Hunger Games

“Similarities and Differences between Panem and the USA Today” The US’s economy is the worst it has been since the Great Depression. Millions of Americans have lost Jobs and they are wondering where their next meal will come from.

Many in the Tea Party movement are calling for a rebellion against the government. The media loves the chaos. Things are different in Panem than they are in the United States. Panem is not experiencing the failure that America is, but they have their own problems. No matter what problems Americans have, America is a more caring Environment than Panem.

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The current US economy is making it hard for people to buy food. Large cities have growing amounts of poor citizens needing assistance. The government gives it to them in order to help them get back on their feet and successful in life. The food in Panem is very scarce in the districts, but not in The Capitol where the government is located. The violence in Panem is very different from the violence we have in America now.

It is different because violence is encouraged there, but not in America. The USA fears violence from other governments, for example, the Taliban! On the other hand people fear their own government in Panem. The government is allowed to kill anyone they want. Although Panem and the USA both have reality shows, Panem’s uses children who are forced to do it and they have to kill their opponents to win. The kids in Panem have to put their names in a glass ball the guys put their names into the guys glass ball.

The girls put their names in the other glass ball. One name will be drawn from each glass ball, and the tributes will get on a train and go to the capitol building. There they will say their last words and go off to kill each other like kid gladiators. It is entertainment for the capitol but the kids are forced to do it. In the USA people volunteer to be in reality shows they want to be in.

Death is never the goal! The USA has a kinder government that is run by her people because the people elect the president who runs the country. The US also has many freedoms that are written in the Constitution. USA gives poor people food. Panem doesn’t give their food out to people freely. Our media does promote death when it comes to war but Panem always promotes death.

Which country would you rather live in?