Panem vs. USA

What if you lived in the future in different districts in a country called Panem? Then have the Government send you to an arena and fight other children till there is one left. Well that’s what happened in the hunger games, in the games the children had to learn survival skills to stay alive for the game. Before the game and after katniss had a stylist help her with physical appearance for the opening ceremony and interviews before the game. I think violence has gotten way out of hand and if we don’t fix it now then what’s goanna happen in the future? In panem the children fight in an arena to the death in The Hunger Games. In order to stay alive, katniss had to learn survival skills for the game but also when she is at home taking care of prim and her mother.

In the Hunger Games, Katniss survives from being killed by the other children by hiding most of the time and dodging whatever tricks comes at her by the Government. But also when katniss does get hit by the government haymitch sends katniss something for her injuries. In the games and when she was home katniss learned to hunt different animals like rabbits. Katniss uses her bow and arrow to kill the animals she shoots the arrow right into the eyeball. She had to drink water in the game so she had plenty of energy and to prevent her from having tooth decay so she won’t have any trouble with her teeth.

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Now in our temporary society we stay alive by having jobs and going to the grocery store and buying goods to help us stay alive. We have shelter to protect us from the elements like weather, animals, and harmful people. We go to the doctor and dentist for routine checkups. We drink fluids like water and we have added fluoride into the water to help prevent tooth decay. We use daily vitamins to keep our bones and muscles strong for plenty of energy. Individuals who focus on healthier habits, and make smart decisions keep their lives longer.

In panem they are just as crazy about their physical appearance as we are. In panem people have an obsession on how they look. In panem they still wear denim and they still have Hollywood stylist. In panem they still also dye their hair and have plastic surgery done. In panem they dress the tributes really glamorous for the opening ceremony, interviews before the game and the last ceremony.

A difference from Panem is the people there dye their skin different colors. And for the opening ceremony the stylist made katniss an all black outfit with a black cape and they put the cape on fire, Katniss also got her nails done and her makeup done for the interview and opening ceremony. For the Hunger Games Katniss had to wear a special outfit to wear for the game and she also had to wear boots to move around in for the game. Now in our temporary society we have plastic surgery and we dye our hair and we also wear weaves and we put in hair extensions to make our hair look pretty. Now a days we go to the beach or to the pool and we tan or you can get spray tanned or go to the Sonia and sit in a tanning booth and get tan.

We also go to the hair salon and get your hair and nails done. We go to stores and buy clothes to wear. Now woman go to the store and buy makeup for important places to go every day. We also workout to help our bodies stay nice and fit, so having said that, people are still doing similar things now and In Panem to enhance our physical appearance. How would you like to have your own government watch you’re every move? Well that’s what the government in panem does.

In panem the people have a dictator that controls panem and also the people of Panem are not allowed to vote for the upcoming Dictators. Also in panem the Government does not treat everyone equally. The Government in Panem is unfair, and they mistreat the economically challenged people differently than they treat the privileged people. The Government in Panem also stalks people like in the Hunger Games the government was watching Katniss the whole time. They watch you to protect you. In Panem the Government won’t let you own your own business like we can now in our temporary society.

A difference between Panem and the temporary society is Panem is separated into different districts and the United States now and our temporary society is separated into states. Now in our temporary society we have a president and not a dictator. The government is now also putting cameras at every stop light. Our Government now let’s everyone vote for who they want in the office like president or representative. The Government also makes up laws and rules to protect us so we can be very safe.

The same thing Panem and The Unites States and our Temporary Society now is the Government cares about you and every law they make up is to protect you and it’s for your own good. The Government still has order In the Country it’s not crazy all around. We also both have capitols like we have Washington D.C and Panem has the Capitol where they send the children to the Hunger Games. Thank goodness with our Government we have freedom. Now that we have gathered our facts together, I finally see how much Panem and our Temporary Society have in common.

As long as everyone pays attention to our survival skills everyone has a much better chance of staying alive and we could learn to control our country the right way, and while we do that we can still pay attention and have a little bit of fun with our fashion and our physical appearance. I learned that the government is so strict because they only care you. Americans should be glad they don’t live in Panem.