U.S.A VS. Panem

Today the United States government is given the power to kill people who have committed major crimes.

Could this evolve into the government killing people for no reason, or even for entertainment? Does this sound wrong? The governments’ role in the life of the people is one difference between life in Panem and life in the U.S.A. There are many differences and similarities between Panem and the U.S. It is important to look at them so that the U.

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S. will not go towards a dictatorship like Panem. Panem and the USA have many similarities. The USA evolved from people wanting freedom from a king. The 13 colonies united to form a rebellion to overthrow the king’s power over them. Panem also began with 13 districts established after a rebellion.

Both of them have a president that is the leader in their central government. The districts and states have smaller governments and a governor. Both nations determine laws for their citizens to live by. Each nation has rich and poor people. Some states and districts are wealthier than others.

The people that do the governing are better off than people that are governed. Panem and the U.S.A are both obsessed with looks and judge people based upon them. Panem and the USA my seem identical but don’t be deceived, they have many differences. U.

S.A is a democracy Panem is a dictatorship. Panem punishments are unfair and extreme to the crimes, such as cutting of someone’s tong for steeling in the U.S.A they would only give you small sentence in a low security jail.

Also the fact that U.S.As grip over their states isn’t that tight, but in Panem they have complete control over their districts. In Panem you cannot vote over who you want elicited they chose for you. In the U.

S.A you have the right to vote is your president or govern. In the U.S.A we have the right of freedom of speech and go to court.

In Panem you can get killed thrown in jail or in slaved for no reason. As you can see U.S.A and Panem are two different societies that similarities and they have differences