Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis Case Study:

Multiple sclerosis is the disease, which attacks the nerves of the human brain and the spinal cord. Generally, hearing the term sclerosis, people imagine a person who has problems with her memory and can not remember things.

In this case sclerosis is something else, because a great number of nerves over the whole brain and spinal cord are injured leaving multiples signs of injury.Evidently, the result of the injury of the nerves is the general change of the sensory and motor abilities of the human body, reduction of the quality of eyesight, which makes people’s life complicated. Multiple sclerosis is quite a frequent disease in the world, because only in the USA the number of patients is more than quarter of a million.Many scientists have conducted serious research of the problem and still they do not know the reasons of the disease but the most common ideas concerning this question are connected with the environmental, genetic factors and the work of the immune system. Naturally, poor ecological situation, pollution and radiation affect the disease seriously, no wonder the number of the patients increases every year. Besides, strong stress and heavy negative emotions combines with smoking also raise the chance to fall ill with multiple sclerosis.

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There is no a single way to cure the disease, because every case is individual, so patient has special courses which reduce the impact of the disease, cure its symptoms and finally cure the disease itself.Multiple sclerosis is a serious and frequent disease in modern society which mostly depends on the poor ecology and stressful way of life people lead. A successful multiple sclerosis case study is a detailed research of the direct problem suggested by the teacher. In order to complete a good case study one should devote much time to the research of the whole problem and then one will manage to investigate the limited one for the case study. A student is supposed to research the case site, study the patient, his way of life; family tree to make sure the disease has the genetic factor, and then think about the cause and effect of the problem providing the teacher with the reliable methods and solutions of the problem in the end.

Every student will face a range of problems writing the case study, because the process is really troublesome and require experience. A free example case study on multiple sclerosis written by a professional writer in the Internet is often a good solution for students who want to raise their knowledge with the help of an expert. A free sample case study on multiple sclerosis in the web will teach students to make a proper structure for the paper and format the text well.