Case Study on Multiple Sclerosis

Carla is a 30 year-old-female college professor who was diagnosed with relapsing- remitting multiple sclerosis. She presents with complaints of diploma, ataxia, fatigue, muscle spasms, and muscle weakness. The patient Is married and has 2 children, ages 6, and 8 years old. Her husband Is a pilot for a major airline and Is away from home often.

The patient says that over the past several months her symptoms have been getting worse requiring that she miss time from work.

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She also reports feeling overwhelmed by her job and family obligations. 1 . Discuss the photographically basis for Carpal’s symptoms. 2.

Due to the worsening of Carpal’s symptoms what is happening to Carla at this point? 3. Which type of MS Is Carla most likely to progress to? 4. Which areas of the CONS are most frequently affected by MS? 5. List diagnostic tests that might be ordered to confirm the diagnosis of MS. 6.

Which medications will most likely be prescribed for Carla and why? 7.

Discuss side effects from Biological Response Modifiers that require immediate intervention. 8. The nurse must administer Avenue IM to Carla. What local reactions at the Injection site should the nurse monitor Carla for and what nursing measures should be used to reduce the chance of this occurring? 9.

Carla develops fever, chills, sweating, muscle aching and tiredness approximately a week after receiving Avenue and phones the nurse to report these symptoms. What should the nurse do? 10.

What are priority health problems for Carla? 1 1 . Discuss measures to manage each symptom that Carla Is experiencing. 12.

Carla will require a cane for assistance with ambulation, What key point should the nurse emphasize to Carla in order to have maximum support when using the cane? 13. Carla begins physical therapy. She is so excited about beginning therapy that she frequently requests to extend sessions longer than recommended by the therapist. What key point should be emphasized to Carla in regard to therapy and MS?