Case Study on Negligence

Negligence Case Study:

Negligence is the avoidance of fulfillment or the inappropriate fulfillment of the official’s duties because of the unscrupulous treatment of his job, which causes material and moral damage, causes damage to the human health and life. Unfortunately, negligence is a common problem of the human civilization, because the unfair and one-eyed employees have always existed in the world and caused troubles to the society.Negligence is a serious problem in business, because every employer wants to hire a scrupulous and industrious employee, otherwise he loses money, resources and respect. Very often the negligent employees damage the material, appliances and machines of the company and these losses cost much money. Negligence is relevant problem, but there are professions which suffer from this phenomenon terribly. For example, there are professions which require total top-qualification of employees and the slightest negligence causes enormous economic damage and influences the human life and health negatively.

For example, negligence in the sphere of health care is fairly similar to crime, because the doctor is responsible for the life of the patient, but if he does not treat his job seriously, it can cost the patient’s life. The same responsibility touches upon the pilot of a passenger plane and a train machinist. Hundreds of the human lives depend on those people and if they lose control or attention, the tragedy can occur. The employees who are responsible for the safety of the plants, factories, nuclear power stations, they do not have right to express their negligence, otherwise thousands of people can pay with their health and lives.Negligence is an important and thought-provoking topic, which is worth attention.

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If the student wants to research the question of negligence in detail, he will have to spend much time and study the topic scrupulously in order to learn about the factors which cause negligence and the methods which can be helpful for the solution of the problem. In order to research the case well, the student is supposed to learn about the cause and effect of the problem, study the case site and evaluate the situation objectively with the intention to draw smart conclusions and solve the problem effectively.The assignment of a case study is quite challenging, because one should be aware about the general writing requirements and the ways of the analysis of the suggested topic. The student can rely on the help of the Internet and read a free example case study on negligence in nursing written by the expert online. It is sensible to look through a well-composed free sample case study on medical negligence and understand the appropriate manner of formatting and construction of the text.