Case Study on Personal Finance Planning

Personal Finance Planning Case Study:

Personal finance planning is the process of the organization and management of the finance of an individual or a family or a small group of people.

The problem of personal finance planning is very important, because today money play the key role in human life and everyone strives to earn much and spend little. In order to be able to save money and support ones living he will have to learn how plan his personal finance wisely. Planning is quite a serious thing, because people always live on the balance of their profits and expenditures. If the expenditures are higher than profit, the planning of the finance is poor and requires quick reorganization. The main expenditures, which face people, are taxes, banking services, insurances of all kinds (to protect or ensure life and health and get a refund in case of an accident which affects ones health or property badly) and various investments, most common of which are connected with stock market.

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So, if one wants to create a perfect personal finance plan, he should calculate and value the total sum of his monthly or annual profit, analyze the average sum of expenditures (of the prior and secondary importance) and then decide which part of the total profit should be paid for the essential purposes and what part can be saved or spent on any secondary needs, like a vacation, expensive clothes, etc.It is quite difficult to create a personal finance plan wisely, so very often people apply for the professional companies, which offer such services providing people with the assistance helping them plan their finance. The topic is interesting and important not only for the future economists but for everyone, because member of the human society is involved in operations with money. A successful personal finance planning case study is a detailed research of the suggested problem based on the general knowledge and the topic of personal finance. A student should investigate the case scrupulous and understand the possible reasons and factors which have caused the problem and analyze its consequences for the finance of the chosen individual or family. In the end of the case study the student is expected to prepare an effective personal finance plan which can solve all the problems once for all.

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