Case Study on Oil Industry

Oil Industry Case Study:

Oil industry is the branch of economics which is based on the extraction, production, transportation, storage and sale of oil and its products. Moreover, the industry includes such processes as the discovery of the areas rich in this resource, the complex of work related with drilling and extraction of oil in the safe and reasonable way. Oil is supposed to be one of the most important and valuable natural resources which has made the current image of the human civilization. Oil industry has made great impact of the development of the human society and quality of life. Due to the development of oil industry the humanity received the chance to build transportation system, heating and activate the development of other branches of industry.Extraction of petroleum is a very difficult process, which is characterized with the drilling of wells, their repair, purification of oil from water, sulphur, paraffin, etc.

Oil industry is the most profitable industry existing nowadays. The whole process of extraction and production of oil is conducted by the special companies which rent or purchase the territories where wells can be found and they organize the whole work scrupulously. Some corporations not only produce petroleum but also sell it. Oil is transported through the varied systems (in pipes) across the country and internationally. The resource is transported by sea with the help of tankers, huge cargo ships which carry oil into different parts of the world. It is natural, that oil industry is the major industry which is able to dictate its will all over the world.

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If the country controls petroleum corporations, its weight on the international arena becomes very solid.Oil industry is a good topic for observation, because the student receives the opportunity to research the issue from all sides and understand the process oil production in detail. It is easy to look through the problem form the point of view of geography, physics, economics, politics, environmental protection, etc. It is impossible to evaluate oil industry only on the factors of its practical work, one should think broader and dwell on the influence of the industry on the international relations. The case should be researched from the perspective of cause and effect of the issue and the student’s solution of the problem and its objective evaluation.The student always requires additional piece of advice while thinking about the structure of the case study and the manner of its writing.

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