Case Study on Garment Industry

Garment Industry Case Study:

Garment industry is the sort of light industry which produces textile and clothes from leather and fur, cloth for the furniture and for other purposes.

Garment industry is one of the most important industries, because people can not survive without clothes, as it protects them from cold and heat.Till the 19th century and the process of industrialization clothes was produced only privately by the separate experts in this field. The quantity and the choice of clothes were poor and only the rich could afford expensive beautiful high-quality clothes from the valuable fabric and leather. So, in France of the 19th century the garment industry appeared which promoted to the mass production of clothes and textiles. The masters, who had much money opened small textile factories, hired enough employees and started to produce clothes in high quantities satisfying the demand of the market.

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Textile is generally produced from cotton, which is cultivated in more than 50 countries of the world and vast territories are used for its growth. Modern garment industry is concentrated in the developing countries like, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, etc supported by the USA and the European countries which find the production of textile cheaper there. An enormous part of industry is concentrated in China due to the cheap workforce and the process of production.Garment industry is one of the most essential industries important for the human life and the student who wants to be good at economics, business and marketing should learn about this kind of industry and its principles. In order to cope with the assignment a student should read a lot and collect as much data on the topic as possible. One should improve his knowledge on garment industry and get to know about the process of production of textile, leather and fur for different purposes.

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