Case Study on Psychological Disorders

Psychological Disorders Case Study:

Psychological disorders are the disorders which are characterized with the problems with the human psychics because of the disease and injures of the human brain. There are many psychological disorders and everyone is connected with the special part of the injured human brain or is caused by other factors. Among the most widespread mental disorders are schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, neurosis, depression, paranoia, intellectual disability, epilepsy, etc.Psychological disorders are caused by the injure of the human brain, which can cause harm to the functions of the whole organism, including the human nervous system; on the other hand, they can occur because of the problems with other systems of organs which cause harm to the brain and the human mental activity. The most widespread factors which cause mental disorders are the heredity, infections, intoxications, brain diseases (for example, tumors), avitaminosis, etc.The disorders can be revealed with the help of the symptoms of the different nature, intensiveness and frequency.

First of all it is the change of mood, which is most often associated with depression.The most well-known symptoms are anger, anxiety, frustration, affects, headaches, problems with digestion, sleeping, etc. Moreover, the disorders are characterized with the reduction of the intellectual abilities of the human-being, because she is concentrated on the psychological problem and can not think about anything else. Next, there is memory disorder, which is associated with the reduction of the human ability to remember something. Finally, there are serious disorders characterized with the failed perception of the reality, because one sees hallucinations – the objects which do not exist. Every mental disorder requires original and personal approach and treatment with the help of therapies and medication.

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Psychological disorders can be very interesting issues for the student’s research, because every case is unique and the student has the chance to learn something new about the work of the human nervous system. It is quite important to read about the disorder in detail and only then observe the case and its peculiarities. The young professional has to dwell on the cause and effect of the mental disorder trying to suggest the constructive solution to the problem with the aim to complete a logical and informative case study with the positive research results.Sometimes students are not able to complete their assignments successfully, because they need the additional piece of advice of the well-educated and experienced writer. The Internet is the reliable student’s helper, because one can find a free example case study on any psychological disorder analyzed by an expert and borrow several ideas for his own paper.

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