Case Study on Serial Killers

Case Study on Serial Killers:

A serial killer is a person who has committed several criminal murders (from three and more) in a certain period of time (the period can last weeks, months and even years). Serial killers differ from the similar crimes, like assassination, ritual murder, killing in the war period and mass killing (terroristic act, school shooting, etc). The term ‘serial killer’ appeared in 1976 and was used for the description of the personality of Theodore Robert «Ted» Bundy who killed up to one hundred people during his life.The experts have investigated the problem of serial killers scrupulously and defined that the predisposition to the serial killing is formed in childhood. The main factors are not only the problems in family, but the genetic predisposition and psychological problems. Children who are violent towards animals and other children and have weak and vulnerable psychics are at the risk of becoming murderers and even serial killers.

The interesting fact about the problem is that serial killing is a seasonable phenomenon which is especially widespread in spring and autumn, when the human psychics is especially vulnerable.Except of the psychological problems serial killers are motivated with other factors. First of all it is the desire to gain fame, because they believe that if they murder a great number of people, they will spread chaos and fear in the society and will be always remembered. Another factor is revenge.The serial killer may have suffered in childhood and wants to take revenge on the society. In fact, every case of serial killing is unique and the experts require much time and efforts to catch the killer and understand his motives.

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Serial killing is an interesting problem which is worth attention, thought this phenomenon is not so frequent, as the history knows quite a little number of the serial killers. Serial killers case study is expected to present a detailed description of the problem and pay attention to the personality of the killer. The student should learn about his life as much as possible and the facts about the killer’s childhood, family, friends and his psychological portrait will be valuable to draw the reasonable conclusions. One should analyze the cause and effect of the serial killing and conclude the paper professionally.When there is a need to prepare a case study, the student can use the reliable assistance of the Internet and read a free example case study on serial killers analyzed by the professional writer.

A free sample case study on serial killers will be useful for students to understand the structure and the right order of the organization of the process of writing and the analysis of the topic.